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What is the Parish Schools Office?

The Parish Schools Office (PSO) acts on behalf of St John Paul College, Coffs Harbour, St Augustine’s Primary School, Coffs Harbour, St Francis Xavier Primary School, Woolgoolga and Mary Help of Christians Primary School, Sawtell to provide a centralised billing system for school fees.

 This centralised system, which was introduced when St John Paul College was completed in 1983, provides various payment options outlined in the School Fees Contract as well as fee assistance, where appropriate, under the Fee Assistance Scheme (FAS).  Its supportive role relieves the principals and schools of the billing, monitoring and collection of school fees.

What are school fees used for?

The school fees you pay maintain our excellent schools. They cover all operating expenses, including maintenance of grounds, procurement of teaching aids, resources and technology, salaries for maintenance and administration staff, insurance, capital equipment, compulsory activities and additional teacher funding.  A component of school fees covers the depreciation of current assets to provide for their future replacement.

When do I receive an account for my school fees?

Accounts are mailed to parents/guardians in January and December.  Please retain your account for your records.  The December mailing includes the Schedule of Standard School Fees for the following year.  This schedule, which is also located on the PSO website, tables the fees for each payment option and also lists General Information and the Parish Schools Office Terms & Conditions of Enrolment. 

When do I pay my school fees account?

Accounts must be finalised by the due dates according to the payment option that you elected in your School Fees Contract.  As each school runs on a very tight budget, it is imperative that you pay your school fees in a timely manner and communicate with the PSO if financial concerns arise.

 What should I do if difficulties arise with paying my school fees?

Most importantly, contact the PSO before the due date for payment so that we can arrange for an extension or special arrangement, as required.  Parents/guardians are always welcome to call and discuss any issues relating to their school fees account.  Any such information is kept strictly confidential. 

If you do miss a payment and don’t contact us, we will follow up with a reminder regarding your contractual obligations.  If there is no resolution, we will act in accordance with the Parish Schools Office Terms & Conditions of Enrolment.

I contribute to my parish’s Planned Giving Program.  How does this assist our schools?

Money from Planned Giving Program collections at Coffs Harbour and Sawtell parish masses assists with loan repayments for school buildings and maintenance work as well as the work of the parishes.  Those who contribute to Planned Giving may claim a percentage of their contributions as a tax deduction.

When is the Parish Schools Office open?

The PSO is open from 8:30am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday.  (The office is closed on public holidays and between Christmas and New Year.)