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School Fees Contract

All new enrolments must complete a school fees contract, which the school will attach to the letter of offer, along with a direct debit request form. Parents/guardians are required to attend an interview at the Parish Office to discuss the contract and payment arrangements prior to commencement at school.

School Fees Schedule

School Fees are reviewed annually by the Parish Schools Office and the updated schedule is mailed to parents in Term 4.  Direct Debit Request (DDR) deductions will be automatically adjusted annually in accordance with the schedule.  Parents who have requested other payment options, such as Bpay or Internet Banking, must remember to adjust payments in accordance with the schedule effective with the first payment due in the new year.

Direct Debit Request

The Parish Schools Office Direct Debit Request is the preferred method of payment and ensures that school fees are always up to date. This saves administration costs and there are no bank fees associated with this facility. If the DDR is dishonoured or declined, an adminstration fee of $10.00 may be charged in addition to any bank charges.

Centrepay Deduction Form

Parents are also welcome to have their school fees deducted directly from their Centrelink payments.

Fee Assistance Scheme

Supporting your children to obtain a Catholic education in the parishes of Coffs Harbour and Sawtell can present financial challenges for families.  The Parish Schools Office recognises these challenges and aims to support this important education choice by families.  When unexpected changes occur, short term or long term assistance may be required.  The attached form has been designed to try to address the individual needs of families.

The nature of support provided is determined following an assessment of the financial circumstances of parents/guardians.  Whilst aiming to support as many families as possible, it is important to recognise that not all will qualify.  All information is treated in the strictest confidence.

Termination of Student Enrolment

At least two weeks' written notice is required to terminate an enrolment.  Fees will continue to accrue until this notice is received.  

Please contact the school directly to obtain a Termination of Student Enrolment Form and to complete the necessary clearance requirements.

All resources must be returned or paid for and all sign out procedures at the school must be completed. Any outstanding school fees and/or elective fees become due and payable immediately.


All forms are in PDF format. If you're having trouble reading them, please click here to download Acrobat Reader.